On the trail of tea - A journey through the world

On many places tea is more than only a drink. There exist a lot of tales and old traditions about cultivation, preparation and formalities regarding tea. You are invited to a journey through the world, through many countries in a view of the tea. A world tour around the globe, have fun at Tea-World-Tour.de

Tea World TourOur journey starts in good old Germany where coffee is not the only drink at afternoons get-together. Seasonal teas like the ice-tea during summer or the tea for colds in winter are particularly popular.

The next stop is in United Kingdom. England is our target. Here the tea is well-established in the current events. The High Tea is the highlight of the day and is celebrated each day at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Now we come to the beginning, the mother country of tea: China. Here tea starts its journey through the world.

There are many other countries we will walk across. You are invited, browse through the site and take part in the tea world tour. Once again have fun travelling, at best with a cup of tea.

Tea tip: Teaworld a German tea company, tea tradition since 1993.

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