Tea in Central America

Country:Central America
Favourite tea:Mate, Catuaba, Lapacho
Main growing area:wide plantations in different countries, the catuaba tree grows in areas with tropical rain forest only
Amount of cultivation:not known

Tea culture

Tea Central AmericaThe Catuaba tea is not, unlike to other tea countries, made of leaves but of the inner bark of the tree. The bark is cooked in water and can be drunk hot as well as cold. Catuaba is said to have a stimulating and healing effect, but it is intoxicant, too.

Furthermore, in Mate tea is drunk in Central America, too. More over, in some Central American countries tea is made out of the coca shrub, too. Many tea ceremonies have their origin in old rituals of the countries' natives and once had a central meaning in the religious life of the people.