China - in the country of origin tea

Favourite tea:Green tea (Yunnan, Hang Zhou), Pu-Erh-Tea
Main growing area:Dadugan, this is the world's largest tea plantation
Amount of cultivation:approx. 953,000 tons a year, 30% of this is exported.

Tea culture

Tea ChinaChina is the country of origin, from where the tea was brought all over the world. Tea is cultivated and drunk for many thousand years in China; most of the ceremonies have been unchanged since the very beginning. China's tea culture is very old and goes along with certain ceremonies.

In China, tea is not drunk in a hurry. A Chinese tea ceremony follows this scheme: the teacups are pre-heated in hot water. The tea is brewed in a separate cup; this first infusion is always tipped over. In general, the second infusion of the tealeaves is used for the tea. Generally, this ceremony is executed in silence and with calm and considerate movements.