Coffee and tea in Germany

Favourite tea:East Frisian tea, fruit and herbal tea
Main growing area:none
Amount of cultivation:none

Tea culture

Tea GermanyAlthough Germany is not a tea country; an astonishing amount of tea is drunk in this country. Herbal and fruit tea have gained in Germany, the German tea drinkers are always ready to try out new varieties. Moreover, a tendency towards health teas is very common, especially at colds people trust in bronchial teas.

There is, however, a speciality in East Frisia. Here, drinking tea is really celebrated. In East Frisia, you need 3 things for a good cup of tea: Tea, sugar candy and cream. The sugar candy is put into the cup and the tea is poured over it. The cream is given onto a teaspoon and than let run carefully into the tea, so that a slight marbling arises. This is the moment when one is allowed to stir the tea.