India - Tea in the spirit of Ayurveda

Favourite tea:Darjeeling, Assam, Spicy tea (Chai)
Main growing area:The Himalayas, Bramahputra
Amount of cultivation:approx. 830,000 tons a year, 20% of it are exported

Tea culture

Tea IndiaOne of the most favourite teas is Chai. This spicy tea contains black tea and different spices like cardamom, ginger and masala. The mixtures can vary and are regulars to Ayurveda; the teas help to keep the so called "Doshas" in balance.

Furthermore, there is also the so called "Yogi-Tea", which traditionally contains only of spices, but is occasionally offered with green and black tea, too. India's teas are usually enjoys in form of butter tea. Similar to Tibet, the tea is mixed with spices and butter.

India's tea culture is strongly affected by the British colonial times, which has effected the preparation as well as the frequency of which the tea is drunk.