Japan and the tea master

Favourite tea:Sencha, Bancha
Main growing area:Uji, Shizouka, Honshu and many other smaller areas
Amount of cultivation:approx. 100,000 tons, most of what is consumed in Japan itself, barely part of the global tea export industry

Tea culture

Tea JapanThe tea found its way to Japan via China. In the 8th century, the first seeds were brought into the country by Buddhist monks who cultivated them. Especially the green tea is very important in Buddhism.

The Japanese tea ceremony is quite special; the one who makes the tea is, for example, called "tea master". The host calls his guests as soon as the water has boiled. The pots are cleaned with hot water and the tea is crushed to Matcha with a truncheon, while the guests are eating sweets. The tea bowl is handed off to every guest, who cleans their bowls with linen. They put 2-3 spoons of tea into their bowl and fill it with water.