Tea in Middle-East

Country:The Middle-East
Favourite tea:the favourite tea varies depending on the country. In some countries the Thé a la Mente or the Berber tea is loved, other nations prefer Ceylon tea.
Main growing area:Iran
Amount of cultivation:Iran cultivates approx. 60,000 tons of tea per year; 20% of this amount is destined for export.

Tea culture

Tea Middle-EastLikely to other countries, the consumption of tea is an opportunity to chat with others and discuss important topics. Many traditions were influenced by turkey; this is why the samovar is used as preparation tool in many oriental countries. A thick brew, which is already extremely sweet, is prepared in the samovar. Water is added to this brew and the tea itself is sweetened again. Moreover, fruits like dates or small sweet biscuits are eaten with the tea.

In most oriental countries, drinking tea is a tradition of men; women are not invited for drinking tea with them.