Samovar, the teasmade in Russia

Favourite tea:the so called "Russian blend" which contains of Ceylon and Chinese black tea on half each
Main growing area:none
Amount of cultivation:none

Tea culture

Tea RussiaThe tea arrived in Russia quite late; it was first brought this beverage to Russia by caravans on their way back from China and India. Before, the Russians drank hot water with honey and spices.

Today, the samovar, still heated with wood mainly, is the centre in every Russian living room. A brew is made in the samovar that will be filled with water in a cup.

In Russia, tea is drunk to every time of day, one can either refine it with lemon or milk or sweeten it with lump sugar. Depending on the time of day, the tea is served with cake or biscuits but also with a warm hearty meal.