Tea in South Africa

Country:South Africa
Favourite tea:Rooibos
Main growing area:Rooibos grows only in the Cedarberg Area in South Africa
Amount of cultivation:not known; Rooibos is cultivated by approx. 300 farmers and exported to nearly 200 countries worldwide.

Tea culture

Tea South AfricaRooibos is an everyday beverage in South Africa. As it does not contain theine, it can be consumed in every amount and it is offered even to children and babies in a bottle. More over, the tea contains many important ingredients and is very tasty and digestible.

Furthermore, Rooibos is not only use as tea in South Africa but as dye, too. Rooibos is offered in many different varieties, e.g. with lemon, vanilla, cinnamon-orange taste and contains also a remarkably high amount of iron. At the tea ceremony the Rooibos is brewed for about 5 Min., one can use the leaves more than once. In this case the tea must not be brewed longer than 3 minutes.