Tea in South America

Country:South America
Favourite tea:Mate, Catuaba, Coca tea and Lapacho
Main growing area:Argentina, for some time starting in Brazil; Mate shrubs are growing in the rain forest of many different countries of South America.
Amount of cultivation:In Argentina, approx. 70,000 tons are cultivated per year; nearly the complete harvest is exported.

Tea culture

Tea South AmericaThe South American tea culture is similar to the culture in Central America. Mate tea is drunk mainly here. This tea is made of leaves which sprouts are roasted and dried over open fire, has a very unique taste and is said to be helpful to lose weight. In Germany for example, the tea is registered as medicine.

As the Catuaba, the Lapacho is made of the bark of trees. The Lapacho was even drunk by the Incas and is very useful, especially because of its many vitamins and trace elements.